Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sir Hannett's "From The Shore...Look At The Stars" Exclusive Secret Rendezvous Mix

Every once in a while you meet an original sounding DJ that refuses to follow trends, possesses EQ and sound system manipulation skills, incorporates crafty story telling and has the countless years of experience and confidence to separate himself from the rest of the bearded herd.  Greenpoint, Brooklyn's very own Sir Hannett is one such DJ.  We don't exactly dig for the same records, or styles all the time, but we do share is the same attitude and passion for our music digging and DJ'ing philosphies.  Always sonically pleasing to the ear drum, always digging up something you nu-disco-cosmic-indie-rock kids slept on, always keeping the girls on the floor, the boys train spotting, and always making the Greenpoint residents happy they didn't take a taxi to Manhattan that night.

(A pic I like of Sir Hannett and I jamming out at Cocoa 66 during one of his infamous "Let It Bleed" weekly parties in Brooklyn last year, balancing our own obsessions while keeping the dancers happy as pigs in shit.)

This one will especially please the Cosmic heads, the Indie dance kids and there are definitely Garage aka Larry inspired moments in there too, done in a Hannett style of course.

Indulge yourself, and watch this space for updates on Sir Hannett's upcoming parties!

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