Monday, October 27, 2008

REPOST - Joseph Colbourne Mix For Secret Rendezvous!

REPOST - Didn't Want This One To Get Lost In The Shuffle

Joseph is one of the few DJs in Boston keeping that proper disco vibe alive. He ran a deep dance music party called Colors, ran an online radio show with American Apparell, has laced the internet with some nice disco and boogie mixes, and rocked it as our very first special guest at Foreal People in NYC as well. So it is only fitting that he is my first official Secret Rendezvous exclusive guest mixtape.
Props to Joe for doing it right in beantown. I've got to make my way out there soon and go gangbusters at a party soon too. If you are out in Boston be sure to catch one of his sets. Check for gig updates, and Enjoy the mix!


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