Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mixtape by Sebastian from Club Function in Sweden

Every now and then Sebastian puts together an MP3-mix of sounds he likes a lot at the moment and plays at Club Function, a club night which he organizes once per month together with friends Helena, Jonte and Joppe in his hometown of Malmo, Sweden.

You can download the NEW mix on the following link:


Lo-End - Le-Beat - NEW WORLD
Badder Than Evil - Hot Wheels - BUDDAH
Chet Davenport - War In The Ghetto - BUMBLE BEE
Mugo - Organize - UNITED WORLD
Eddie Jackson - Memories Of A Dream - BREWTOWN
Pyramid - Earthquake Shake (part 2) - MOE
Honey Cone - Somebody Is Always Messing Up A Good Thing - HOT WAX
Pages - Heartaches & Pain - SUNSTRUCK
Final Touch - I'm Ready To Give Up My Love - EPIC
Inovations - Stay On The Case - HIT SOUND
Johnny Adams - You're A Bad Habit Baby - SSS INTERNATIONAL
Curtis, The Brothers - You Make Everything Better - BELL
Phillip Wright - Keep Her Happy - DASH
Lisa Warrington - I Like The Way You Do It - SOUND MODIFICATION
Brotherhood - Given My Life - MCA
Manujothi - Shake Your Body - MANUJOTHI
Imperials - Where You Gonna Find Somebody Like Me - POWER EXCHANGE
Starfire - Don't Come Back - DYNAMIC ARTISTS
James Lewis Fields - How Long Shall I Wait - TOP POP
Veda - What It's All About - WEST SOUNDS
Betty Wright - Open The Door To Your Heart - RCA ITALY
Evans Pyramid - No, I Won't - SMOKAH
Rayford Tucker - If You Need More Time (Time Will Tell) - SANDPIPER
Al Wilson - Who Could Be Lovin' You - SOUL CITY

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