Monday, September 15, 2008

I am down with Sonny Hopson!

SONNY HOPSON CD- 1969 Philadelphia AM Radio Broadcast, contains funk and soul music of the day, cool commercials and wild chatter from legendary Philly soul DJ "The Mighty Burner" . This original radio showwill take you back to a precious time in Philadelphia history when black AM radio ruled the airwaves. SELECTIONS: Too many to list , but includes funky favorites as Ann Robinson "You Did It", Emanons "Look In The Want Ads" and supposed different version of Dyke & Blazers "Let A Man Be A Man".
This CD arrived in the mail today and has been killing me all day! You can imagine my child like excitement when the CD came with a surprise enclosed, a free Sonny Hopson pin!

Order this puppy at A fantastic website with re-issue vinyl and CDs, so both DJs and listeners alike can get down to the Philly Sound!

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