Monday, September 8, 2008

Heavy Burn at Hot Fudge Part Deux

Ok I am officially feeling nostalgic right now. As time went on, Hot Fudge Sundays would change members. Beau and Christian would leave us to form 50/50, and focus on doing their own drum & bass parties, which are still notorious to this day. Pete & I then had another affiliated DJ crew come in and do their thing with us, and we really started packing the place in together with all sorts of hip-hop, house, funk & soul party freaks.

It got to the point where the owner of the venue starting getting nervous about the numbers, and the wild party* attitude of the crowd that went with it. *read openly burning blunts & long bathroom lines. Sooner or later, the venue owner would ask us to lower the music and "chill things out", as he seemed generally scared of the party. I'm not sure what he thought would happen, or why he was nervous or paranoid* (read venue owner was also standing on those same long bathroom lines*). But his attitude of lowering the music, asking DJs to "chill it out", and being hard on some of the party people soon caused friction between DJs (namely me), our loyal crowd and the venue staff. It finally came to a boiling point, and there were some big confrontations.

One of these confrontations I'll never forget was the staff shutting down the downstairs a little early, most likely in order to file people out, and probably make life easier on themsleves. This led to all the party people being packed in one upstairs room, most likely beyond capacity. It was extra hot, extra smokey, and extra everything. Keep in mind, this is the own venue's fault. At this point, the venue owner got really nervous, asked us to shut down the music, turned on the lights and asked people to leave a few minutes earlier than scheduled.

When you turn on the lights on a crowd that is high and/or drunk out of their mind, and interrupt them mid-song, it is not a pretty sight. People were a little pissy, and being forced to shuffle out by rude staff. The crowd seemed a little pissed off, rightfully so, and as a result were a little resistant to the staff's requests. I was even more pissed off like the rest of our DJ posse, and just not having that shit happen at OUR party! I couldn't stand to watch our party people get treated and cheated like that. Watching people get pushed out really fired me up.

At that moment, I decided to turn the soundsystem back on, push the volume on the DJ mixer all the way up, and I blasted the JBs "Blow Your Head". Even with the lights on, the crowd went absolutely nuts. People were dancing on tables, and whistling and cheering. The staff was screaming at me to turn off the music, and I did not give a rat's ass what they said at that moment! The staff lost conrol of the party and the entire crowd. I played the song in it's entire length, and watched the dancefloor go off in a way I hadn't seen at the party before. If I could pick my favorite moment in Hot Fudge Sundays history, that would have to be it. That moment also ranks high on some of the best DJ moments in my life.

Thanks for the memories guys, and enjoy the tune that set it off that night!

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