Friday, September 26, 2008

50 Posts! Lisa Warrington - I Like The Way You Do It

WARNING - this record skips a few times in the mix, so just deal with it!

This is my 50th post, so let's celebrate with my favorite sound, low budget disco. This tune has it all for me: sexy lyrics, lo fi production, dope breakdowns, raw instrumentation, super extended grooves, heavy breathing, beautiful vamp at the end of the tune, etc. making this one fantastic production. This is the kind of tune that makes me feel like Im in heaven. "Baby Don't Stop"! Oh that part just kills! When I imagine the perfect dance floor, I picture people losing their shit to a tune like this one.

Listen to this tune, and imagine the party in the photo with balloons at the top of this page going off at 5am.

Welcome to Secret Rendezvous.

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Anonymous said...

great tune.