Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let Me Down Easy - Rare Pleasure

I won't lie to you, the slightly cheesy proto-house piano riff gets me open. Beyond the piano, there is still something about this song that gets me open, that I still have a hard time articulating. It is so fluffy I should almost be embarrassed about it, but strangely enough I'm not. This is a killer dance floor anthem that should have any real disco crowd vibing right along to it. It is so simple and effective, making it even closer to the best and most basic of house tunes. Repetitive riffing, chanty and easy to learn vocals, and we can all relate to the theme of the song. Just like my man Oddysey once said about a similar tune, "Yo this song bring the bitch out in me!" I think we can all relate to that shit, whether we want to publicly admit it or not. "Let me down easy" by Rare Pleasure, take us away to that special place!


dusty bottoms said...

you mean it gets your ass open. stop talking like a dhp poster

secret-rendezvous said...

hahaha, i was so crunked up while i did a couple of the updates. i thought about deleting some of the dumb shit i said a couple of times when i sobered up, but there would be no fun in that