Sunday, August 24, 2008

All This Love That I'm Giving - Gwen Mcrae

We all should know Gwen Mcrae from her hit song, "Funky Sensation". If you don't already know that tune, then I have no idea how you found my blog. She had made a few funky LPs we could all get down to, and if any of you know me, you know my obsession with phrases such as "keep the fire burning", "fire keep on burning", "we keep the fire burning", etc etc etc. Well Gwen has recorded a fantastic tune called "Keep the Fire Burning" which I plan to post in the future when I feel like visiting time tested crowd pleasing classics. But in the meantime, I feel like visiting one of her much lesser known tunes and LPs. If I'm not mistaken, most copies of this LP were recalled for some reason or another, making this a very rare vinyl LP. I am posting one hell of a killer tune, that most of you will never own an original copy of. And if you find yourself an OG copy, consider yourself lucky! Enjoy the slept on brilliance of this tune by none other than Gwen Mcrae!!!

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